Posted in June 2012

Textbook Paul H. Anderson

My friends and I talk about how we are becoming mothers all the time.  I have started freaking out and obsessively cleaning when people come over, freaking out when I am 30 seconds late for something, freaking out when I am lost, because I am an equally terrible driver.  But I’m not becoming my father, … Continue reading

Family Visit Part Deux

Part 2 Because no one in our family plans anything, I had already told my friend Deirdre that I would go to New York with her for the Mets game with her sisters on Cinco de Mayo before my mom and Morgan decided to visit. So we compromised our second family day together. Besides, the … Continue reading

My Evil Actualmother – Part 1

I treasure my off days in the most selfish of ways. When I’m not traveling on a midnight train to DC, I enjoy doing, well nothing. Nothing special that is. I get a ton done–reply to 2 day old text messages, file 2 month old taxes, buy toothpaste, the usual. This week I have to … Continue reading