Posted in August 2012

Swiss Family Anderson

Swiss Family Anderson

The night before we left for Nepal, we went out to dinner with and said goodbye to the Thalananys in Delhi.  My mom gave a heartfelt toast to Rosemary, Sebastian and Elizabeth. We all agreed how invaluable it was to see the country through their eyes.   I’ll skip the eloquent jargon and cut to the … Continue reading

Old Delhi, a Spicy McChicken and Le French

One of my worst travel nightmares came true in Delhi.  No matter how much research, planning and preparation I do for our trips, it seems unavoidable.  After visiting the Red Fort, a market and a mosque, we soon found ourselves walking around Old Delhi with no destination.  It’s one of things I hate most about … Continue reading

Part Two: Celeb Status

Can there be anywhere else in the world that is such an assault on the senses? Those who know the country of old just go about their business. But nothing can prepare the uninitiated for this riot of noise and colour. The the heat, the emotion, the perpetual teeming crowds… Initially you’re overwhelmed, but gradually … Continue reading